This is a well-known marketplace for those who sell and buy 3D models online. containing VR, AR, and gaming, and CGTrader is also known as one of the best and biggest places to buy and sell high-quality 3D models. It has a library of more than a million 3D models. D’s assets if you want high quality and fewer problems. A lot of 3D artists, design studios, and businesses share and sell their models on CGTrader.

CGTrader was started in 2011 in Lithuania, and its community is made up of more than 500,000 3D artists.

The good thing about CGTrader and other good 3D marketplaces is that you can find here a very solid customer base looking for top-notch 3D models to use in their projects. In addition to that, they can also hire you as a designer for a custom job.

And the best thing is the decent basic 70% up to 80% royalty rate on sales that you can pretty much get to if you have 40,000 level points without having to sell exclusively on the site.


This is the best-known website for selling 3D assets, and it is also one of the biggest places to sell 3D models. It used to be the absolute king of selling 3D models, but now with the new platforms that have emerged in the last decade, things are a little bit different, especially with how “Turbosquid” changed over the years.

TurboSquid offers users up to 80% in royalties for selling their work. If you decide to sell exclusively here, you can get their highest royalty rates on your sales. but new members to TurboSquid who have not yet signed up for their programs will start out with a royalty rate of 40% of the sale. which is very low.
Yes, Turbosquid is huge. and has an impressive library of 3D assets with thousands of professional sellers that can offer an upside if you have high-quality 3D models because it means that potential buyers are not going to be a problem.

But regardless of Turbosquid’s massive popularity, you might not see much success due to two very important things: fierce competition and the 60% cut that the site will take from every sale you make, which is 60%. Success here will most likely require a significant amount of active marketing; for small creators, this might be tough. But if you can generate a good amount of money in this market, then I think you will face fewer problems anywhere else.

Many 3D artists are torn between selling their models all over the online 3D model marketplace and joining the “guild,” which allows you to keep up to 80% of the sales you make.

Basically, Turbosquid is trying to keep its clients from buying from its marketplace because there are tons of good websites out there that provide great services. Personally, I think that selling exclusively is not a good idea, but if you are seeing better success with it, then good for you, I guess.

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Unreal Marketplace

The Unreal Marketplace is another place where game developers sell their 3D assets. And actually, a lot of individual game artists and game asset outsourcing studios put their individual 3D models and packs on this marketplace.

Sincerely, if you sell game-ready 3D models, you have to be on this platform because this is where a good portion of the traffic is in terms of where independent developers and studios buy their 3D models.

But to see any success, you need to be qualified for this job because these 3D assets sold here have to work properly inside the game engine; otherwise, you are going to face a lot of problems down the road and you might not see any success in the first place.

Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store is a marketplace with thousands of cheap game assets made for game developers to save them time and work.

This market provides different 3D assets for those who create video games, so if you have any that are game-ready, you probably want to put them up for sale here. However, just because this is a targeted market does not guarantee greater success than other marketplaces that sell various types of 3D models, such as architectural visualization and 3D animation models.

Blender Market

The Blender Market was created to empower artists and developers using Blender.

and for those who create good-quality 3D models for games or animation. Blender Market is a good place to start if you are primarily working in Blender. This platform has a lot of good 3D assets, and with the growing number of Blender users, it is becoming more important to be on this marketplace.
The Blender market is not just for 3D models, because you can find a lot of good addon developers here. And if you have created addons for Blender before, this is the ideal place to sell them.


Fippednormals is a relatively new marketplace for those who want to sell 3D models, but it probably has the best website interface and user experience. Most models are of high quality, and it seems like this marketplace has more potential in the future because some of the best 3D asset sellers on other marketplaces actually sell on it, which is a good sign.

On flipped normals, you get 60% of the profits and up to 90% using their referral system.

Actually, this platform is different because it is also curated to ensure products are of the best quality, and they ask you to send your portfolio for the team to assess before you start selling.


Cubebrush is also an interesting platform, and even though it is not the best for generating sales, I think it is one of the rising stars of selling 3D assets online because, unlike the usual marketplace, the content on Cubebrush is curated, so everything you find there is top quality, which is great, especially for studios and companies that want good-quality assets.
When you do all the work and sell directly to your audience through your own store, you get to keep 95% of your profits, which is a great deal if you manage to get a steady stream of sales.

When you make sales on the Cubebrush marketplace, you get to keep 70% of the profits.

Final thoughts

We mentioned a lot of different websites here, some of them new and others very old. If you look around online, you will find many other websites and platforms where you can sell 3D models if you are a 3D artist, but this does not mean that you will see success in all of them or in any of them for that matter. so you have to try and see for yourself. And if you are new, you can actually put up your models for sale on all of these platforms. Wait a few weeks or months and see what happens. Test different models because you want to be flexible to have a better understanding of the market’s needs.

Also, some of these platforms offer analytics that you can use to decide what kind of 3D models artists and studios need, so you can take advantage of that because, to be honest, many artists create models that no one needs, and later they complain that selling is impossible.
Different platforms have different royalty rates. You need to be aware of that so you can do certain things accordingly. There are two things you can do if you want to sell on a platform where your share of the revenue is very low, like, for example, TurboSquid, where you get only 40% of your sales. You might say this is not fair, but you can actually join their guild program. The best thing you can do is adjust the price of your models in a way that allows you to keep the same amount of money as if you were selling on a platform where the royalty rate is, say, 70% or 70%, for example.
There are a lot of things we can share with you on this topic, so if you are interested, stick around, and we will give you more information that can help you take advantage of your artistic skill.